1980's Maker

一个出生于80年代的程序员 -- 喜爱创[客]、美[食]、动[画]、怀[旧]的新手艺人的博客

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A blog theme for VuePress. The Jekyll version of it is available here.

Gungnir is the spear of the god Odin in Norse mythology.

🇬🇧 English Intro | 🇨🇳 中文说明




  • Simple and beautiful
  • Responsive design
  • Multi-level navigation
  • Switchable cover images for home page
  • Dark and light mode: system theme detection with a theme-switcher to set the theme as per the user preference
  • Search
  • Table of contents
  • Multiple syntax highlighting themes, support full screening the code blocks (inspired by WordPress theme Sakura)
  • Tex support (Katex)
  • Draw charts in Markdown easily: Chart.js, Mermaid and roughViz.js
  • Markdown enhancements:
  • Analytics (Google Analytics and Baidu Tongji)
  • Comment (Vssue)
  • RSS
  • Reading time
  • Multi-language support (English, Simplified Chinese)
  • Archive page with tags, links page



yarn add -D vuepress-theme-gungnir
# or
npm i -D vuepress-theme-gungnir



Here are some live demos:



Documentation is available (but ongoing) here.



VuePress theme Gungnir is Apache License 2.0 licensed, see the LICENSE file for details.