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一个出生于80年代的程序员 -- 喜爱创[客]、美[食]、动[画]、怀[旧]的新手艺人的博客

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A slightly opinionated theme for Vuepress


  • Customizable typography: Webfont support with font size and text-adjustment customization
  • Dark and light themes: System theme detection with a theme-switcher to set the theme as per the user preference
  • Accessible: Larger font size, deeper contrast, better legibility preferences to improve the readability

Get Started

Add the dependency to your existing Vuepress project via Yarn or NPM.

yarn add -D vuepress-theme-succinct
npm install -D vuepress-theme-succinct

Update .vuepress/config.js as follows.

module.exports = {
  theme: 'vuepress-theme-succinct',
  globalUIComponents: [

ThemeManager provides theme-switching functionality across the app.

Note that you can also use the shorthand name for the theme.

module.exports = {
  theme: 'succinct',
  globalUIComponents: [

Check out the documentation built with Vuepress and Succinct 😄 for more details.


Contributions from the community are welcome and deeply appreciated. Refer to the contribution guidelines to get started.


This theme has the following plugins built in:


Nods to people and projects that made succinct possible.