1980's Maker

一个出生于80年代的程序员 -- 喜爱创[客]、美[食]、动[画]、怀[旧]的新手艺人的博客

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A VuePress theme that supports a dark theme, multiple color themes, and other useful features. Extended upon the default VuePress theme with some adjustments.


You can add Yuu to your current VuePress project by running:

yarn add vuepress-theme-yuu
# or npm install vuepress-theme-yuu

And then setting it in your docs/.vuepress/config.js file:

module.exports = {
	theme: 'yuu',

Features and configuration

Yuu user settings dropdown menu

You can check out how to configure all of Yuu's features and a live demo on the docs site.


Upgrade to v3

Yuu v3 brings bug fixes and CSS updates, as well as a few small features and breaking changes. You should also consider upgrading to vuepress@^1.8.0.


  • Added a logo option to the Yuu theme config
  • Added a labels option to the Yuu theme config

Breaking changes:

  • The forceTheme frontmatter option has been renamed to pageTheme